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The Manliness Roundup: Inaugural Edition

22 June 2008 3 Comments

Most bloggers read other bloggers and I am not exception. They will do something called a “Weekly Roundup” of all the blog posts they feel added some value. Another good reason (the skeptic inside me tells me it is the foremost reason) is a way to encourage back links to other bloggers for their own blogs.

In any event, I like to read these “Weekly-ies” because in one post, someone has done the homework for me of sorting out the good posts from the bad posts. I also learn about new blogs that are not in my current reading but will be if I stumble upon them while reading my favorites.

So here it goes, my first foray into the space…but, as always, these posts have to add to one’s manliness and support what we tout here at the Return To Manliness blog site.

FrugalDad had this great post on Charity For Debt. Essentially a “peace corp” type solution for student loans. Difference is that the donors to help pay off your student loan come are private.

John Chow stumped for a friend of his, I guess. Brendan is asking for $3 for his MBA program in Oxford. Novel idea, but since I had to work my way through college and my MBA, this guy needs a little tough love.

EVERYTHING that Trent writes over at The Simple Dollar is awesome, but sticking with the charity theme, he tackles the now vs later question.

The Art of Manliness wrote a great piece and lively discussion, on when it is OK for a man to cry. Very good site.

A big shout out to Jeremy over at Discovering Dad for getting into the subject of forgiveness in man’s life and how to be a role model. I thought this was a great topic for men to discuss openly.

Erin over at Unclutterer found this great new product that is a true multi-task tool. Men love tools and this works great for all kinds of things in the kitchen.

Finally, I will always add a photo or a video to these Weekly Collections. I really don’t have a reason for it other than it spruces up the post and adds some flavor…

This video comes from the America’s Funniest Home Video genre. Some pretty cool face plants are included.


  • dadshouse said:

    Nice list! I especially liked the link to when men can cry. Thanks for the pointers.

  • Andrew said:

    Great list! There a couple good sites in there that I hadn’t been to before!

  • Jeremy (Discovering Dad) said:

    Great list! I’m honored to be included – thanks!

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