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The Manliness Roundup: Old America VS New America Edition

28 June 2008 2 Comments

Over at Chron.com, Craig Yates wrote a very, very interesting review of a Peggy Noonan Wall Street Journal OpEd. I will leave thoughts on politics off this website, but this review REALLY caught my attention. The main reason it grabbed me was the instance where they discussed manliness in the candidates in relation to what these two candidate represent.

Old America (John McCain) vs. New America (Barack Obama) was on trial and it was clear Noonan feels that Old America is the right choice. Ms. Noonan says at the very end of her article the following:

“I weigh this in favor of the Old America. Hard not to, for I remember it, and its sterling virtues.”

Craig Yates takes the other side and is clearly in favor of Obama. He addresses piece by piece the OpEd, explaining the differences and at the end comes to the conclusion that New America is a much better place. He cites things like segregation, racism, manliness, honor and principals to bolster his position.

As we decide on who to vote for this fall, we do have a choice between Old America and New America. Whether you like the candidates or not, you have to like the fact that we have a clear choice in the type of candidate.

Whatever you decide, you will no doubt get a new President that has several very good traits that exhume manliness. Tell me what you think in your comments. I would love to get other opinions.

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