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Manliness Article Of The Day: Stubble Is Manly

30 June 2008 3 Comments

The Telegraph UK cited a study done by Northumbria University in Newcastle, England (great beer by the way) on that Women prefer men with stubble for love, sex and marriage. Fascinating finding that puts science behind what every man has believed for a VERY long time – most women dig the facial hair.

Now, I know I will get all kinds of flack from the women who don’t like it (e.g. RtM gal – a.k.a. my wife), but the fact of the matter is, most do like it. My guess is reminds women of the bad boy image and there is something very sexy about the bad boy.

One caveat: If you don’t bring the stubble with the entire package (hygiene, hair, clothing, swagger, manliness, masculine, etc) then you simply are a slob.

Another very key point was the idea of long vs short facial hair. Short facial hair, another shocking development, was considered much more attractive and better for the women. Check out this quote from the article and tell me that this is not interesting…go ahead, just say it…

Facial hair may have been sexually selected by females on the basis of associated male success, despite its threatening appearance. Clean-shaven faces therefore may suggest appeasement, as well as being an obvious sign of sexual immaturity.

“Increasing levels of facial hair were associated with increased perceptions of aggression, in that bearded faces were perceived as being the most aggressive, whilst clean-shaven faces were rated as being the least aggressive. And as facial hair increased in a linear fashion, so did female ratings of masculinity and dominance.

What are your thoughts on facial hair? More importantly, is it different for women who are married vs single?


  • rummuser said:

    I wear a beard which I trim once a week. I am partial to it and am known for it. The odd occasion when I had take it off, I felt lost and so did my wife. She insisted that I grow it back on.

  • RtM Gal said:

    RtM Gal here, and while I love the occasional look of my man’s manly stubble, there is nothing sweeter than kissing his freshly shaved babysoft cheek and knowing that he shaved just for me. As for those women who prefer stubble during sex…no sandpaper face for me thank you! Which brings me to RtM’s recently trimmed chest…please stop cutting it so short, it will be months before I enjoy naked cuddles. Overall I’ve never been attracted to facial hair, probably because I grew up scared of my long lost bearded uncle from the Navy. And then when I finally did date a guy who grew a beard it often smelled like whatever he ate for lunch.

  • Kevin said:

    Duly noted

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