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Watch Pilot Episode Of AMC’s Mad Men For Free

4 July 2008 No Comment

One of my more controversial posts thus far, The Manly Side Of Smoking, reminded me of a show that I absolutely love. The good folks over at the Art of Manliness would probably love this show, since it is all throwback to the 1960’s era of working in an ad agency. The show is called Mad Men and is on AMC as an original series. I found out that AMC has decided to put its pilot episode of the show online for all to view again. It is classic.

Here is the first of three videos of the pilot.

You can watch parts 2 and 3 of this pilot episode at the AMC website.

Some of the things done on this show could be viewed as a little over the top, but I bet a lot of it really happened during that era. Things were different then. The things that happened back then were acceptable in mainstream. Didn’t make them right, but they were accepted as how people acted.

No sense pushing down that history and forgetting about it. The only way we truly learn is from failure and acting like the white waiter did towards the black waiter in this opening scene was just that – failure. Our society failed anyone that got treated like this and we can only hope those days are long gone.

We can do more than hope, though. We can make sure we never forget that how we treat other people is one of the most manly traits you could exhibit.

So on this wonderful day of the 4th of July, remember that saying “all men are created equal” and try your hardest to treat whoever you come in contact with great respect.

Oh yeah, the show is awesome and I encourage everyone to check it out. Remember, it is only entertainment and should be treated as such…

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