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The Manliness Roundup: Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt Edition

6 July 2008 7 Comments

As most readers have seen, I have added a link to sign up for the RSS feed. Many people I speak to in the real world don’t even know what an RSS feed is, let alone wanting to link to mine. I will have to do an entire post on this as I hope all who have blogs do as well. Of course, all RSS feeds are free and it is merely a information “push” from a blog or a news site as they update with new material. Simple enough…

It’s an amazing tool that a lot of users of the internet don’t know about yet – shockingly.

In any event, I discovered Theordore Roosevelt’s autobiography online as public domain and wanted to offer it as a download if you sign up for the RSS feed. I juiced it up a little with good formatting and then put into a pdf format that is searchable. Really cool.

Over time, as I read and write posts on the chapters on this true renaissance man’s book, I will add more and more value to the download by highlighting and commenting in the pdf file. Stay tuned for more lessons from one our greatest Presidents on what it meant to him to be a man and exhibit manliness.

Must reads of the week (not manliness specific)

Help, Credit Card Minimum Payments Aren’t Making a Dent. Frugal Dad explores an interesting dilemma that many people face in today’s VERY tough economic climate.

A Look at the Startup Cost – And Why It’s Usually Good to Go Cheap at First. The Simple Dollar addresses the cheap vs. frugal idea and how it plays out when you are just trying out a new activity. Also, check out my comment that identifies “ANOTHER OPTION” for the readers…

Make those giant speakers into storage. Unclutterer posted a fantastic idea for us men to do something with those blown speakers that are now just junk. Use them to store away stuff! Brilliant!

Choosing A Profitable Blog Topic. Courtney adds to his collection of videos that helps us beginners understand how to choose a profitable topic when deciding what to blog about.

Must reads of the week (the manly stuff…)

The Ultimate Man’s Guide To Fireworks.  Art of Manliness posted an epic article on exactly what to look for when attempting to blow off 3 fingers this time of year.  I love fireworks, but be careful folks.

How to talk to your daughter about sex.  Over at Dad’s House, the topic turned to something VERY important.  I loved the read and it was a topic that needs more than just one post.  Remember Juno…

What Dad’s Really Think About Quality Time.  Discovering Dad has an excellent series on what Dad’s think to Mom’s questions.  He uses some of his good friends to explore topics and have differing opinions.  What I like the most is the fact that nobody has a canned answer…

Till next time…and don’t forget to check out Teddy’s autobiography by signing up for the RSS feed.  It is a long read, but if you print it out in chapters and read when you have a few moments, WOW, what a read!!!


  • Frugal Dad said:

    Great roundup! Thanks for sharing my article with your readers. I particularly enjoyed the speakers into storage article – what a great idea! I’m off to search the attic for those ridiculously large speakers I’ve stored since college.

    Frugal Dads last blog post..Sunday Conversation #8 – Kids and Money Matters Edition

  • Jeremy (Discovering Dad) said:

    I agree with Frugal Dad – great roundup! Thanks for including me, and thanks for participating in the conversation throughout the week during the What Dads Think series.

    Jeremy (Discovering Dad)s last blog post..Spotlight on Dads – Matt Pfingsten

  • Kate said:

    Wow. Not only is the “Dirtiest, Filthiest Sex” post not for kids, it’s also not for anyone with the slightest bit of class. For a site that purports to regale its readers with posts about inspiring men and manly virtues, and recently wrote a post on chastity, linking to drivel about a man’s explicit sexual exploits is highly ironic.

    “The importance of this post was the fact that the sex portion of a long-term relationship is a very important piece.”

    Um, did you read the same post I did? Where was the long-term relationship here? This was the story of a douche bag that talks about “opening sets”(gag)with a women he just met, fingering her at the bar (!) and on the way home a short time later, and then having a marathon of sex. Any man who would so explicitly detail his conquests for anyone to see is a tool of the highest order, and anyone who would link to such a post has no claims on being a gentleman.

  • Kevin said:

    @Kate – Thanks for reading. Sorry your feel that way. You missed the point, but of course, your opinion is always respected around here.

    @Jeremy – you have a great site and I appreciate you writing it.

    @Frugal – we actually have done a few things like this around the house and it is definitely a cheap way to make something worthless back into something useful again…

  • dadshouse said:

    Nice round-up, thanks for the shout out. I didn’t catch that particular Honey and Lance post, but in general I’m a fan. Lance gives a “pick-up artist” take on dating, like Mystery from the VH-1 show. Sometimes Lance is pretty sexually direct, and I gloss over that because otherwise he gives an interesting glimpse into one very real part of our culture. Honey usually offers a more traditional take on dating and relationships. The mix of the two can be quite good.

    dadshouses last blog post..Flirty Text Messages on Craigslist

  • Kate said:

    Alright Kevin, what was the point then exactly? It’s not to show the importance of sex in a long-term relationship, because Lance had sex the night he met this woman. And if the point was that you should make sure to find someone with whom you can have that kind of sex, there are lots of ways of writing about that without talking about “shooting a load on her chest” and having “pooper sex.”

  • Lance said:

    Hey Kevin, thanks for the shoutout! I just noticed your roundup and saw we were on it, cool.

    @Kate: Sorry you’re not into marathon sex or kinky stuff. I have actually established a relationship with Gina, so this wasn’t a ONS. Our blog is a sex & dating blog, and some of my sex posts are primarily technical in nature so people can get see what’s out there in terms of dating and sexual technique. Thanks for stopping by though.

    Lances last blog post..Weekend Roundup: TSB Edition

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