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How To Give An Erotic And Intense Foot Massage

13 July 2008 10 Comments

There is nothing better for a relationship than giving your wife (or your husband) an erotic foot massage.  We all know the importance of the act.  It was the very topic leading to an intense scene in a Return To Manliness top pick, Pulp Fiction.  Take a look…

Vincent Vega says”I have given a million different women foot massages and they all meant something.  We act like it doesn’t mean anything but it does.  That is what is so cool about it.”  Or something to that affect.  The point is that if you don’t think it is important, think again.

Look, it matters.  For a man, the art of giving a good foot massage is the same as being able to hook up stereo speakers, work a barbecue, or shotgun a beer.  All are traits that are inate to being a man.  Even if we don’t know exactly how to do all those, we damn well better be able to fake our way through em.

Over at The Seduction Bible site, they posted a terrific video on tips and tricks to performing a memorable foot massage.  They do a fine job explaining the erotic side of the act and give wonderful advice for the beginner.  There isn’t in depth training going on here, just the basics and that is really all you need to get started. You can learn more advanced techniques at

Some broad based pointers found in that video and others they may have missed:

Set the mood. This is not necessary, but it can be very effective if you are looking for this foot massage to lead to something else.  Use a pillow to support her legs and a towel underneath to catch any excess lotion or oils (and you better be using lotion or oil).   Play some soft music in the background to help take her mind off of everything else.  Candles are always a good idea an if you want to get nuts, you can even add some scented candles.

Use lotion or oil. As I mentioned, all good foot massages use lotion or oil.  You can try it without them for an impromptu massage, but if even if you have just a few minutes to spare, grab something that will make your hands glide over the skin with the greatest of ease.  Remember, that lotion or oil better be warmed in your hands first or you will lose some of your desired affect of the massage.

Apply deep, hard pressure. No one has ever gotten injured giving a foot massage and if they had, they were doing something wrong and deserved it.  People are ticklish on their feet.  The harder you press, the more you will avoid the awkward tickling.  Deep hard pressure is more sensual as well.  This will merely intensify the reaction you get from her by working out all those pesky knots from standing all day.

Listen to her reactions. This is very important.  She will give you clues as to when something hurts or when to move on to another part of the massage.  Remember, I know this one is difficult for you guys, but the massage is about her needs and desires.  She has to be satisfied and if she needs a little more attention in a few areas, give it.

Work through the leg and ankle. This is part of the entire package.  Work the ankles and the lower legs.  Remember to make sure to be careful around the Achilles tendon.  This is a very sensitive area and should be treated with great care.  Rotate the ankles in a circular motion like a stretch.  Once you have applied some oil and let it work into her skin a little, you will hear all kinds of cracks and crinkles…followed by a very familiar moan of pleasure that comes with relieving all kinds of stress.

Work the toes. Use finesse when working the finer points of the massage.  Do not over apply pressure in this area as you could do some damage.  Rub your fingers through all the crevasses and nooks to make sure all parts of the foot get touched.

Support the weight of their foot. You will lose ALL kinds of points for letting her lift her own weight when you are giving her this greatest gift.  Use a pillow over your lap if you get tired, but never lose track that you have to be an active participant in making her feel good with this.  You carry all the weight of her foot.

Bodybuilding.comStanding on our feet all day long will add all kinds of stress in our lives, let alone the physical toll it takes on our bodies.  Wanna give your special lady a gift that costs nothing, but means just about everything, give her a foot massage she will request again and again.

Next time you are sitting in front the television hanging out, ask her if she wants a foot massage.  Play close attention to her face lighting up and her intense arousal at the thought of what will come next.

Finally, skip the flowers and chocolates.  The good writers over at The Simple Dollar, Frugal Dad and Being Frugal.net should all love this idea as one of the best FREE gifts you could ever give your partner.  There is nothing that you get so much from for so little effort.

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  • Hayden Tompkins said:

    “Work through the leg and ankle.” And the calves. Oh, God, THE CALVES. My husband has the strongest hands of any guy I have ever met. If he tries to use them on my neck, I’m racked with pain for a week. But put those bad boys on my calves, and I am in HEAVEN.

    Just a heads-up. Women can be very sensitive about how their feet look. She may try to keep you from giving her a foot massage because she hasn’t given herself a pedicure or something. If she turns you down, don’t take it personally.

    Hayden Tompkinss last blog post..How to Love Life: The Secret to Being Happy

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    […] lot of time at the beach, eating delicious foods, while Sven-the-masseuse dedicated a whole hour to massaging my feet.  I had a vision of myself in an azure lagoon, the gentle lapping of constant waves dulling my […]

  • alaa said:

    i have a foot fetish and embaressed to tell about so am asking if the foot massage can solve the embaressment subject and can the foot massage help in giving her orgasm???

  • PUA Warbucks said:

    heh, and a nice video to go along with it.
    .-= PUA Warbucks´s last blog ..Why Lifestyle is More Important than Game – Part 1 =-.

  • alex said:

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  • porno said:

    Thanks, great post , Jack

  • Marc said:

    Thanks for the informative article. I admit that I love giving women a foot massage but since I don’t have many women interested in me, I rarely get the chance to give a foot rub but when I do give a woman a foot rub, she enjoys receiving the massage as much as I enjoy giving her the massage!

  • how to massage said:

    Hey this information is really super. Just what I was looking for, thanks 🙂

  • Anthony M said:

    This info is really good. I started doing foot massages on girls for awhile long before I read this. Most of it was guess work, but this article confirms my belief in foot massages and how they really work on a woman. The last few times I’ve used my mouth, and wow, did that create some magic! Thnx RTM.

  • Eleonor Zarrineh said:

    A fantastic sexual massage will release the same endorphins that you experience during intercourse. Both of you will feel satiated and erotically satisfied after it’s all done!

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