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The Manliness Roundup: Missing Tony Snow Edition

14 July 2008 2 Comments

I never agreed with his politics or where he stood on a spectrum of topics, but here is another instance where I wish I could have had a chance to the meet the man while he was alive.  It is only in his death, I am finding out so much about this guy that makes me think I could be doing so much more with my own life to live up to such a high standard.

Last month, the world was shocked when Tim Russert of Meet The Press fame suddenly died from a heart attack.  I wrote a post on the man and what types of incredible Manliness Traits he possessed.  My shame was that it was only in his death did I learn what an incredible person he truly was.  Now, I am feeling it all over again.

I have been watching the tributes all day on Fox and other stations of his life and career as a newsman, political hack, musician and father.  Regardless of his politics and how he viewed the world, he seemed like a genuine man with a good heart.  He seemed like a good husband, a good father, and a great role model for so many.

Again, a good man taken from us way before his time.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who were close to the man.

This week’s required reading

Seven Ways To Role Model Thankfulness.  Discovering Dad, early in the week, wrote a tremendous article on a future Manly Virtue post, thankfulness.  I liked him coming at this from a direction of your children and how they percieve you.

Ho Hum Marriage? 9 Ways To Add Some Spice.  Dr. Corey Allan of The Simple Marriage Project gives us another great “how-to” article on helping us with our spouses.  This one is very helpful to keep things interesting.  There are ones on the list you already should know, but there are some new ones too.

How My New Social Life Saved My Marriage.  A Good Husband.net posted his 3rd in a 3 part series on a husbands social life.  I recommend all three postings, but this one really got me thinking about my own life and where it is socially amongst other men.

How to use PR People to Build Traffic for your Blog.  ProBlogger Darren Rowse addresses how us just starting out should approach PR folks to help drive traffic to our sites.  Some good tips in here for the experts as well as the novices.

Protein candy bar square5 Exercises Computer Guy Should NOT Be Doing.  Lifehack’s Jamie posted some interesting exercise tidbits.  If you sit at a desk most of the day, which most of us do, these 5 exercises just might do you more harm than good.  Look for alternatives is what I took from it.

Essential tools for the household handyman.  Unclutterer, who are dedicated to the very wonder of simplicity, identified the essential tools that should be in your toolchest.  Every one of these tools can be used for multiple purposes (like the BFH….you gotta have a good hammer).

Becoming Debt Free: Identifying The Why.  Frugal Dad touches on a subject that every man should focus on – not just money and finances.  Identifying the “why” can have a profound affect on who you are as a man.  Practicing genuine Manliness Traits is all about identifying the why.

Till next time, stay safe and stay strong out there.

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