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Manliness Must Read’s: Fiction Can Be Funny Too Edition

19 July 2008 One Comment

The conservative magazine, The National Review, had columnist Lou Aguilar write an article this week called Real Men Vote for McCain. He pulls together 10 points why McCain would be a better choice than Obama based on his level manliness.

I need to remind everyone at this point that Aguilar is a fiction writer.   I know the NR would like to think they are writing the facts and making good points, but…

I need to remind everyone that Aguilar is a fiction writer!!!  And for the most part, his article is mostly fiction (and funny too when you think about it).  I loved the John McClain reference.  Whenever you can weave Die Hard into a column, it seems to just work.

Regardless of your political beliefs, it is the essence of manliness to vote.  Our country wants, no needs, to have its citizens be heard.  So, remember, get to the polling booths this November 4th.  It’s on a Tuesday, as always and if you don’t plan ahead, it becomes easy to mess this up.

If you have not done them already, do these ASAP:

  1. Register. If you are not already registered, visit your state’s DMV or Secretary of State and sign up.
  2. Check into absentee ballot. If you’re too busy during the week or will be out of town this November, have them send you a ballot to vote by mail.  I do this sometimes just because it is so convenient.
  3. Inform your employer. Tell your boss your intentions right now and put it into your Outlook calendar.  Tell them you will need just an extended lunch break that day.  If you are bold, invite them along.
  4. Educate yourself. Many people don’t think it matters who wins.  Think again.  Regardless of your beliefs, if you know someone who is in Iraq, been there and come back, or went there and didn’t come back, you know elections matter!!!

This week’s standouts

How To Be Homeless (by Persistent Illusion)  Learn some good tips if you ever find yourself in this situation.  Great thoughts in the comments from readers as well.

Resureting The Lost Art Of Oratory (by Art of Maninss) Man’s ability to move mountains just with words is definately a lost art indeed.  This ties in very well with several of the Manliness Traits I have written about.

Meet Attractive Women Through Becoming Observant (by David Wygant) David is a relationship expert that is always taking the high road to this very real part of our lives.  He touches on something that I recently wrote about – Treating the speaker as the most important person in the room.

The Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge Method, Or, Blogging Is Flirting (by Problogger) The first line of the post says it all “Successful blogging takes epic diligence.”  This great post discusses some great tips to get your blog moving in the right direction.

Pepperjam Network “Meet the Affiliates” Interview #10: Introducing Problogger Darren Rowse (by PepperJam Network’s Blog)  Can’t get enough of Darren Rowse this week.  A fantastic interview with someone that has become very successful at this blogging stuff.

Have a great weekend!

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