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Cheap Yard Beer, Dr. Awesome, Multitasking And The Manival

21 August 2008 No Comment

The Manival is hosted this week by Dr. Awesome over at To Every Man A Manswer – Return To Manliness was given the opportunity to show off our love for the great American male pastime, Cheap Yard Beer.  Dr. Awesome’s site is a collection of pretty cool posts outlining his take on everything from manliness to mancrushes.  His format is to answer reader questions in great detail – with his original voice and candor.

I’m subscribed to the site and I encourage you to check out some of his articles.  One of the things I really enjoy about his site is that he doesn’t post every day.  He writes only when he has something worthwhile to say.

I see too many sites producing posts just to have something new.  Heck, I see too many professional news outlets producing junk just to fill air time or digital real estate.  It gets to be too much information for the sake of gaining Alexa rankings and eyeballs.

Over at Get Rich Slowly, there was a recent post on Multitasking and the time sink it often leads to.  In the comment section, comment #5 from The Financial Philosopher wrote something that really grabbed me:

We consume information but do we ever stop to think of what it is that information consumes? It consumes our attention.

To be “information rich” is to be “attention poor.”

Much like a portfolio of investments, we should “allocate our attention” to overcome the poverty it would otherwise create…

Information rich = attention poor. Very interesting.  I fall into this trap of wanting to know everything I can about everything.  I subscribe to nearly 200 blogs and try to read through most of them everyday.  That is way too many and the amount of time spent is not as valuable as spending much less time on the real juicy stuff.

This is why I like the Manival so much.  Quality sites dedicated to the betterment of men, submit only their best stuff.  We want to put our best foot forward and hence, we only want content that is going to leave an impression on our readers.

The Manival was created by the good folks over at The Art Of Manliness.  They try to rotate the hosting of this carnival among several sites that participate.  Return To Manliness intends to host during the week of September 9th.  I hope you come back and check out all the great submissions at that time as well.

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