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Discovering The “Why”

Having trouble feeling like a man anymore? You’re not alone.

Our society constantly tries to convince us today’s man should give up their traditional manliness in return for a softer, gentler guy. This gradual wussification of men has led to some disturbing trends in our society.

As a new father, I worry about my son growing up without a set of values that teaches him how to be a man in today’s society. I worry he will not learn what true manliness means in the same way I grew up.

Return To Manliness was created to help give men the tools to live their lives and, more importantly, teach the next generation, what it really means to be a man. Today’s society clouds the issues with an overload of information and oftentimes, the wrong message from its leaders and role models.

The site revolves around a core set of Manliness Traits. The list is constantly growing and evolving. It’s important to remember that men should be flexible and always improving themselves. This is true for their core beliefs as well:

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