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[10 Aug 2008 | 61 Comments | ]
A Manly American Pastime: Cheap Yard Beer

Yard beer is the cheapest, nastiest, most delightful, refreshing drink in 80 degrees and 80% humidity.

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[27 Jul 2008 | 8 Comments | ]
Softer Sunday:  Top 10 Chick Drinks Of All Time

As most manly men do, I like to drink. If you don’t drink, it makes you no less of a man or limits your manliness in any way. My co-conspirator on this site, Cody, does not drink, and he is one of the manliest guys I know.
However, if you like to wet the noodle now and again, knowing the finer points of the “chick drink” – how to make it, how to serve it, and how NOT to drink them if you’re a guy – are important to …

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[2 Jul 2008 | One Comment | ]
I Don’t Need No Stinkin Water, Throw Me A Beer!!!

Ahhh, yes. Here we are again. July 4th marks the middle of summer and it’s time again for fireworks, sunburns and loads of dehydrated fun in the sun. There is so much to do around this time of year, it can be overwhelming.
Every blog in the ether will be writing something about the 4th of July weekend (at least US based blogs since our holiday weekend doesn’t mean whole heckuva lot to the rest of the world – especially in England 🙂 ) What you …