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[30 Aug 2008 | 11 Comments | ]
Interesting Reflection: Man Drought Is Fact Of Dating Life

There are some really good articles floating around in today’s ether on the lack of manliness in all men and the lack of men that possess any of it at all.  As I was reading this article from The New Zealand Herald, it made me contemplate this young woman’s dilema.  The article is titled Man drought is fact of dating life.
Here is an excerpt from that article:
Young, gorgeous, successful – and single. For Christine Kitching, 24, Auckland’s “man drought,” is not a vague concept, but a reality.
The high-flying Air New Zealand …

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[26 Aug 2008 | 31 Comments | ]
Baddest, Manliest, Most Feared, On Screen Hitmen Of Our Time

Ignoring the fact they whack people for a living, they are pretty freaking cool (and manly) when you reflect on their roles.

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[12 Aug 2008 | 6 Comments | ]
Man Up Your Bucket List

Several bloggers around the old series of tubes are publishing their version of their Bucket List. The importance of what it means to them and how their readers should create their own. Of course, this is all based on the extremely popular movie The Bucket List (starring two of my all time favorite manly men, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.)
This is a great idea. Trent over at The Simple Dollar (another great site) helps with some really simple how-to’s. It’s a good read. He …

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[3 Aug 2008 | 6 Comments | ]
10 Most Disturbing Cross-dressing Performances Of All Time

Nothing manly about cross dressing unless you are one of the best actors of all time or hardass mayor from New York.

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[2 Aug 2008 | No Comment | ]
Return To Manliness Roundup:  Mad Men Season Premier Edition

The season premier of Mad Men this past week was stellar.  It was like watching the Mad Men pilot episode all over again.  The show fast forwarded 14 months to Valentines Day 1962 and life was changing for everybody.
Peggy is essentially turning into a hard ass that the other women are beginning to look up to.  Sterling is back to his old womanizing ways.  And Draper is realizing his new, pretty face is looking much older in an ever-changing industry.
The two moments in Mad Men season premier that stood out …

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[30 Jul 2008 | 12 Comments | ]
Manliness Trait: Never Use Eight Words When Four Will Do

I stole this line directly from the remake of Ocean’s Eleven. Brad Pitt’s character (Rusty) was a man of very few words, but an extremely effective communicator.
Rusty coaches Matt Damon to “never use eight words, when four will do“. As Damon’s character (Linus) prepares for a one-time only attempt at the sting, Rusty wanted Linus to be an effective communicator and to NOT get on the nerves of Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) – which could blow up the whole charade.
What Rusty was afraid of, was that Linus was …

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[21 Jul 2008 | 15 Comments | ]
Tough Love Monday:  Male Obesity Epidemic Is A Modern Day Black Plague

Every Monday, Return To Manliness explores a pressing issue in today’s society and offers up a “Tough Love” response to fix the problem. The solution(s) offered are not meant to win a popularity contest and may be seen as harsh or somewhat insensitive. This is never meant to offend anyone or any group of people. It is only an alternative way, most likely not all mainstream in its solutions, of exploring the issue.
This will be the first of many posts, I am sure, concerning the epidemic of …

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[10 Jul 2008 | 7 Comments | ]
Funniest Viral Video I Have Seen In A Long Time – Maybe Ever!!!

Ben Afflack, Matt Damon, Sara Silverman, and a huge (and I do mean HUGE) cast of cameo appearances have turned Jimmy Kimmel into an online viral video megastar overnight.  Watch this video and tell me what you think!!!
(Public Service Announcement:  The title of the video is “I’m F*@%ing Ben Afflack”.  I apologize for the swearing and there are plenty of beeps in the video as well, but since they put SO MUCH effort in putting this together, it was worth a mention.  Don’t like the language, but it’s very funny …