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5 Phone Rules In Dating Everyone Ought To Know

20 June 2008 7 Comments


David Wygant wrote this excellent post on phone rules in dating. David is one of those PUA (Pick Up Artist) bloggers I feel are a joke, but he is a classy alternative who simply just wants to help us guys be more successful with women.  His comparison to the business world is spot on.  I just wonder why so many of us lose our brains when it comes to cellphone use in this manner.

My take on the 5 rules – Return To Manliness style.


Be Prompt When They’re Prompt
The experts say if a woman calls you within 24 hours, you should give them the same courtesy. Don’t play games.  Waiting around to make her “want you more”.  Don’t be that guy.  There will be plenty of time to show how much of an a$$hole you can be – but later.  Be a gent and be courteous – call her back to give her something to tell her friends about.

Men who have the most success always give women their full attention and respect. It’s not only the right thing, but works the best – usually a cornerstone in manliness.

Look, everyone is busy.  You do NOT have to call everyone back the second you get the message. It’s not game playing – it’s life.  But call back in a timely fashion and don’t give the rest of us good guys a bad name.

If They Waited, You May Also Wait
Men want control of the situation and especially their time. If the woman has decided to slow down, you need to oblige.  Coming across too strong or needy does indeed make you look weak.

And there is nothing worse for your chances with her than looking weak in this regard.  Vulnerable, women love.  Weak, I’m pissed to even think about it.

It’s OK To Call Back Right Away
David nails this one. Don’t buy the hype from the jackholes residing in crazytown. It does NOT look desperate to call her back right away. If you like her and the feeling is mutual, then communicate it.

Tell her you’re not smart enough to play the games and you knew she didn’t have time for that crap as well.  Tell her the game-playing is for the normal dating, but she is worth being treated different – yup, that completely works.  Essentially, be a freaking man about it.

You Can’t Manipulate Someone Into Liking You
Well, not always true.  I like the concept, but its OK to manipulate someone into liking you from time to time. Successful people have done this for years and will continue.

Is it produce long-term results? No.  But if you are just dating and know its going to be a short-term thing, go for it.  Does this play with her/his feelings? yes, but again, that’s life. I don’t like it anymore than the next good guy, but it happens and many times we do it without even knowing it.

Being Busy Is No Excuse
No crap!  We are all multi-tasking nowadays and being “too busy” just says you’re a dick.  Sometimes, it can work as a reason, but do it at your own risk.

Not an exhaustive list of ensuring your cellphone habits for dating works, but at least follow these and give yourself the best chance possible.


  • Kelly said:

    I like the courtesy parts of this post as it’s about being a good guy.

    Some of the pua stuff online (my brother is into it) is scary & prickish behavior.
    .-= Kelly ´s last blog ..Ew I Need To Clean My Mirror =-.

  • PUA Warbucks said:

    Very refreshing list. I like the part on if you make them wait, you will wait also. I’ve always said that to people when they playing hard to get.
    .-= PUA Warbucks´s last blog ..Why Lifestyle is More Important than Game – Part 1 =-.

  • Jesse said:

    You can text the girl the next hour and text her something funny. That sets up the phone call, and you can call her the next day.

  • Cody said:

    The article is very transparent… It can be for boys and girls who are in the process of dating. The tips here can be used so that one can handle the situation very well. And your right, being busy is no excuse… because if he or she is really in to you, he or she will make time for you.

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  • pulaskifurniture.org said:

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