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Manliness Traits: A Series Of Phrases and Thoughts Fundamental To Men

25 June 2008 2 Comments

Abraham LincolnThis is the start of a series which I plan on posting several manly traits that I believe core to men as they journey on their Return To Manliness. I write this site in the hope that all who read it either take steps to become a better man, a better father, a better husband, a better person than what they are today. If you already have wonderful manly qualities about you, then maybe just a refresher. And if you truly have all the qualities that we try to bring out in men, then help us along.

There are so many great guys out there that want to be treated with the respect of a man. I, for one, have been missing that in my life for quite some time. I was looking for a thesis, a reason to change. I found it when I started believing I could become a better man. When I started to learn more about the traits that men possess, men that any of us could idolize and sculpt our lives after, I realized that this was the path to getting so much more out my life.

I want a better marriage; better friendships; more money; better physique; more courage; better health; and the list goes on. As I evolve from where I am today to where I want to go, this list will grow and this category will grow. Come back to the category of Manliness Traits and visit it often.

In each article, I will write on specifically one of the traits and attempt to dive into great detail of its meaning, origin, and hopefully its use by more and more men in today’s society.Tim Russert

Also, you will see the Manliness Traits peppered throughout many of my posts on this site. They will be in a red font color with bold and italics for emphasis (e.g. Treat Extraordinary People Ordinary, And Treat Ordinary People Extraordinary). Many of my posts will nibble around the edges of these traits only to help reinforce their immense importance within my own thought synapse.

The following is not an exhaustive list of manliness traits I have drafted. It is only a sample. They are simple phrases and thoughts I have picked up over time from a variety of sources. When taken into context, they serve as a man’s guide in how he should act.

  • Try to be interesting, but ALWAYS be interested
  • Treat ordinary people extraordinary, and treat extraordinary people ordinary
  • Treat the person who is speaking as the most important person in the room
  • Honor your parents
  • Respect everyone until they give you a reason not to
  • Always find a reason to compliment women (and even other men)
  • Consider the source
  • Protect your family at all costs
  • Never use 8 words when 4 will do
  • A man’s appearance always matters
  • The most important thing a father can do for his children is love their mother
  • When in doubt, shut up and listen
  • Never complain


  • Strong One said:

    Great Post.
    Love the information.
    I’d like to add one:
    Work on your character, not being a character.

  • Vicki Bergman said:

    This will be good reading for my sons!

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