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Return To Manliness Roundup: Earnest Borgnine Edition

17 August 2008 3 Comments

A good friend of mine, Dave, sent me a video clip of the legendary actor on a recent morning show.  I love Dave and I love Ernest Borgnine more than ever at this point.  I saw this video was captured over at The Common Man as well.  Great minds think alike.

When reminded of his age, he was asked his secret to life.  Take a listen (only a minute).

I’m reminded of the amazing candidness that happens when you reach a certain age.  It happens at different ages for all of us, but at some point, without fail, it happens.

The time is when you simply are too old to care about being judged by others.  When young, we care more since we are always trying to get something and move ahead.  At Ernie’s age, though, it simply does not matter anymore.  So let the candidness fly.

On a sidenote:  Ernie is right on the money.  I know, it’s a sin and its embarrasing to admit.  Maybe Mr. Borgnine was being funny, but my take is that there is always a kernal of truth in every joke.

Here are some good reads this week:

10 Steps to the Perfect List Post. (@ProBlogger)  Want to know how to write the Perfect List Post?  Just follow these steps and you will not go wrong.

The Authentic Blogging Manifesto. (@Never The Same River Twice)  One of the better posts I have read in awhile on why the author got into blogging, what happened to her over time, and how she is changing her blog life by getting back to the reason why she started to begin with.  Excellent post!  I bookmarked it for future reference.

What’s Wrong With the World? Not a Damn Thing. (@ZenHabits)  Inspiration at its best.  Leo writes a fantastic site and this post on his views of how people view the world is spot on.  He essentially points out that if you are always wanting something that is impossible (in the world – not in your own life) then you will always be unhappy with the world.  This could spill over into your own life and that would suck.

Do I Make My Kids’ World Bigger Or Smaller? (@Discovering Dad)  This really got me thinking about how I want to fit into and influence my new child’s life.  Little Jackson is almost 5 months and I am already feeling like I am making mistakes all over.  I want him to live every day to its fullest, but how do you balance?  Tough topic and a great post.

Think you can afford more house in the exurbs? Think again. (@Wise Bread) The concept of “drive till you qualify” has been turned inside out with today’s ridiculous gas prices.  Gas prices are changing everything.  Remember, there are always solutions besides the obvious ones of moving freaking closer to stuff – not further away.

I will be getting back to daily postings shortly.  The content is always changing on this site and I try to put as much of my own humor in this site as I can.  I found The Authentic Blogging Manifesto extremely valuable to changing the content on this forum and getting back to what I like versus trying to convince everyone they need to listen to me because I am an expert.  Thanks for reading.


  • Mike Bates said:

    I like your redecorating, Kevin. Great work.

    We must work to preserve national treasures like Ernest Borgnine. Quick! The Carbonite! And I’m glad you agree with him. What some people regard as a sin (but, really, when is lust not according to The Church?), most of us regard as a normal developmental phase, and a totally understandable physiological need. Honestly, I’d be worried about a guy who doesn’t (or says he doesn’t). I mean, that guy, in my mind, is either incredibly repressed, or not comfortable talking about sex and sexuality. That guy is likely to never be fulfilled because he’s either not willing to experiment (within reason) or not willing to convey to his partner what he wants. And then he ends up as Ted Haggard, angry and hating himself and wallowing in unhealthy behavior and betraying his family.


  • Maria | Never the Same River Twice said:

    Thank you for your compliments regarding my “manifesto,” Kevin. If anyone has any questions about it, they are welcome to contact me at maria (at) neverthesamerivertwice (dot) com.

    Maria | Never the Same River Twices last blog post..The Authentic Blogging Manifesto

  • Gerald Sallmen said:

    Great blog here, such a wealth of knowledge.

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