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Return To Manliness Roundup: Cuban TaeKwonDo Fighter Loses His Mind Edition

23 August 2008 2 Comments

As with the weightlifter who nearly yanked his arm off dislocating his elbow from his body, yet another one of my manly sports at the Olympics has gained TONS of attention.  This time not for an incredible roundhouse that leaves one of the fighters wishing they took up swimming instead.

Cuban TaeKwonDo fighter, Angel Matos, lost his mind today after being disqualified at the Olympics for taking too long on an injury timeout. He thought best to attempt to remove the referee’s head with one of his feet.  Interesting footage, don’t you think (time: 1:29)?

Apologies for the French dude narrating…I actually like it better since you can focus completely on the nutjob doing his thing on the mat.

I love the TaeKwonDo guys.  Some of them get it and understand they are not Chuck Norris.  Others firmly believe they have every right to use their skills any way they feel.  Angel is a tool.  The referee, unknowingly of course, did the complete best thing for his sport by getting rid of this insane person.

Now just get ready to see this 34,573,947,023,750 times on SportsCenter tonight.  I’m sure they will have a few better camera angles, so tune in.  The Beijing Olympics have been excellent!

On to the list…

4 Products From Back In The Day That Did More Harm Than Good.  (@Campus Sqeeze)  These guys actually took one of my ideas for a post.  They beat me to it and did an excellent job highlighting 4 “products” from yesteryear that turned out not so good afterall.

A World Of Hope. (@Persistent Illusion)  Hayden writes a fantastic blog about a very timely theme in this election year, hope.  This article dives into a story from another blogger named SanityFound (and her tales of her mother).  A very good read since Hayden is such a good writer.

Who’s Your Favorite Little Rascal? (@The Common Man)  TCM delves into the topic of spanking your children and corporal discipline in schools.  Suffice to say anyone touches my son other than me, it’s on.  Angel Matos would look downright friendly.

12 New Rules Of Working You Should Embrace Today. (@Zen Habits) Leo is quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers.  He has legions of fans and a very popular site.  This article is one reason why.  Everything is changing and so is how people work.  Start doing these things today or risk falling behind.

What Makes For A Good Blog? (@43 Folders) Already one of my favorite writers, Merlin at 43 Folders dives into this VERY hot topic of why we blog and how to make it better.  It gave me a lot to think about in how I intend to move Return To Manliness forward.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Beijing Olympics!  I know I am with events like TaeKwonDo still on the docket…


  • Hayden Tompkins said:

    Thank you for the kind words! And I can’t wait to see what makes for a good blog.

    Hayden Tompkinss last blog post..Put Some Happy in Your Friday

  • Mike Bates said:

    Thanks, Kevin. By the way, I love your new design around here.

    Mike Batess last blog post..All’s Fair

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