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[24 Jun 2008 | 4 Comments | ]
Fist Bumps: Have They Lost Their Manly Meaning?

The fist bump has taken on a whole new meaning as of late. Barack and Michelle Obama gave each other a fist bump recently and it turned the desperate, right-wing media folk on their heads – looking for anything to hang around their competition’s neck. One literally insane, woman commentator actually insinuated it as a “terrorist fist jab”. Of course, unless you took a whole bottle of crazy pills, smoked your breakfast, or simply decided to forget you had a brain, you dismissed this as just plain …

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[22 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]
How To Tell Your Children That You Are Getting Divorced

Shannon Hutton over at Sparkplugging wrote a tremendous post recently on the do’s and dont’s of telling your children that you are getting divorced. Reading this article brought back some very bitter memories for me as I come from a broken home.
My parent’s divorce was not a “friendly” divorce – I refuse to believe that any one ever is. There was infidelity on one side and it got really ugly to say the least. My brother was out of high school and I was still in high …

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[21 Jun 2008 | One Comment | ]
Drilling In ANWR Will Not Solve The Problem But It’s A Start

I hate to talk politics on the Return To Manliness blog, but this issue is taking on epic proportions because of the insane gas prices we are witnessing. At front and center is the lightning rod topic of drilling for oil in ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Reserve). Check out what Wikipedia has to say about ANWR.
The right wants to drill and drill ASAP to help replace some of our oil imports from other countries. The left wants to leave this pristine refuge untouched and kept as a …

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[18 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]
Napping Is Acceptable And Sometimes Required

The Boston Globe recently wrote an article on how to nap. I know, do we really need an article or a how-to on napping? Don’t you just crash when you want and to hell with those who don’t agree? If it were only that easy…
Guys today view napping as weak and for those who can not keep up. They have been taught through the years that we are too busy and if we take time out to nap, we will fall behind. This is ridiculous.
There …